I recently had a very bittersweet but heart-touching story sent in to me and I felt like it was something I needed to share with you all. It is the story of a Boxer named Zeus that passed away in November of last year. First of all, lets all take a moment to look at that big, happy smile on Zeus' face. He truly was a happy, lucky boy. Now, lets begin. Zeus was an old dog and found himself needing hip replacement surgery because without it, he would no longer be able to walk. His owner thought it was unfair to put Zeus through this major surgery that had the possibility of not ending well, so she let him live the rest of his life peacefully instead of painfully. The day after Thanksgiving, Zeus' owner was worried since Zeus didn't want to go outside all day. This was unusual of him. When she finally got him to go outside later that night, he laid down and started breathing in an odd way. His owner said that after he did this he gave her a certain look and she knew it was his time. She kissed him and told him that she was going to let him go and that even if he left the physical world, he would never leave her heart. Saturday morning, she woke up and immediately went to check on her poor Zeus. He was, again, laying down and his eyes seemed to say "I'm sorry." She instantly went to his aid and told him that everything would be alright. Even though he probably couldn't understand her, Zeus seemed to find comfort in what she was saying. He didn't even try to get up anymore. His owner called the vet and explained the situation, the vet said she'd be at the house around noon because Zeus' owner thought it would be more peaceful to put Zeus to sleep where he was most comfortable. When noon came, Zeus seemed to be very anxious and his owner knew he was ready to go. The owner and her family spent all morning with Zeus, reading to him and speaking to him of all the people he would see in Heaven. They told him he would be alright and that he'd always be in their hearts. The vet arrived and had the family say their goodbyes. He was surrounded by his blanket, his favorite Monkey and more importantly by the people that loved him... and that he loved. Zeus' owner states that putting Zeus to sleep was the hardest decision she's ever made but she knew it was the right one. She claims that she had been selfish for so long and she knew she should've put him to sleep a long time ago when problems arose. She just couldn't find the strength to let him go. She knew Zeus had been waiting to hear the words "I'm ready for you to go now, I'll be alright." It has been so difficult for her and she says it doesn't get any easier with time. It feels as if just yesterday she had to make the life-changing decision to lay her baby boy to rest. She lights a candle in his honor every morning and blows it out before she lays her head down to sleep. His birthday was on April, 23rd and she says it rained all day. She believes it was Zeus crying because it was his first birthday without his loved ones. Little does she know though, that Zeus is always with her and always has been. She says sometimes it seems as if Zeus is still barking and frolicking around the house, she believes her sweet angel is telling her that he is alright. She knows one day that they will be together again and that's what gives her the strength to get up each morning and go about her day. Zeus left behind beautiful memories and he will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace beautiful baby Zeus. April 23, 2000-November 24, 2012.

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